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Today's Jokes

Something Sort of Cute

1. Why did the Cordless Backpack Vacuums start dancing through the halls at night? Because they heard it was a dirt-cheap way to burn calories!

2. What did the Dilution Control Systems say to the Cleaning Solutions? "You've really found your place in this mess!"

3. Why did the Daily Job Report always track the custodians without fail? Because it heard they were the cleanest criminals around!

4. Why are Web Sites like a rising tide of wisdom for custodians? Because they're always surfing the net for the latest dirt on cleaning!

5. What did the Vacuum Maintenance crew say about their job? "It's like playing Operation, but with fewer funny noises and more dust bunnies!"

6. How does the Cleaning Manual guide custodians through their myriad efforts? By saying, "When in doubt, just add more elbow grease!"

7. Why did the trash bins have a pitiful plight? Because they heard the compost was taking flight and the recycling was getting all the attention!

8. Why are Microfibers like the life of the cleaning party? Because they're always color-coded and ready to imbue some sparkle into the dance of cleanliness!

9. Why did the Pressure-based systems boast about their cleaning power? Because they knew they had a mightier gleam than any superhero!

10. Why did the custodians unite their efforts with weekly projects? Because they knew teamwork makes the clean work!

11. What's a custodian's favorite song? Cleaning Tool Habits! They never let tasks drag on and on like a broken record!

12. Why is Professional Development like a treasure hunt for custodians? Because they're always digging up new skills and knowledge to clean house!

13. What did the Training Topics whisper to the custodians? "Psst! We've got the dirt on how to scrub away the competition!"

14. Why are Post-cleaning schedules like a rare symphony? Because they harmonize with custodial care and make sure the school's a clean, happy melody!

15. Why did the Restroom Specialist Assignment consider itself noble? Because it knew it was on a quest to vanquish grime and ensure the porcelain throne was always pristine!

16. Why did the Custodial Closet Standards line up so orderly? Because they heard being aligned was the key to sweeping success!

17. Why did Feminine Hygiene consider itself so delicate? Because it knew it was ensuring comfort without being a cleaning crutch!

18. Why did Scratch-B-Gone consider itself a stainless steel's friend? Because it knew how to repair blemishes to a gleaming end, leaving surfaces shining brighter than a polished penny!

19. Why was Custodial Staffing considered a topic grave? Because it had the weighty responsibility of meeting needs with the care they crave!

20. Why did Kaivac and OmniFlex consider themselves equipment grand? Because they knew they were aiding custodial tasks with a steady hand, making messes disappear faster than a magic wand!

21. Why did the custodians love to share the report? Because it was a beacon of light, shining the way to clean solutions faster than a flashlight in a dark room!